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Do you enjoy attracting wildlife to your backyard?   Do you maintain the four elements of habitat or would like to improve your backyard habitat?   Your backyard can become a Certified Illinois Audubon Bird & Butterfly Sanctuary.   Qualify and receive a certificate and a sign for posting in your yard.

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Please call the IAS office for questions regarding Certification or Re-Certification at 217.544.2473

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Are you interested in learning more about birds and birding in and around Will County? Would you like to meet others that enjoy birding? Join us at one of our upcoming activities and find out what the Will County Audubon Society is all about. We hope to see you there!

Next Meeting - 6:30 PM Thu May 14, 2015

Pilcher Park Nature Center

Joliet, Illinois

Program: Kelly Ksiazek - Our Paramount Pollinators

"Our Paramount Pollinators" Will be the title of Kelly Ksiazek's presentation. She is a plant ecologist, teacher and PhD candidate in Plant Biology and Conservation at Northwestern University and the Chicago Botanic Garden.

Bees, butterflies, and even bats provide the very important service of pollination,

which provides people with a wide variety of food and commercial products. With natural habitat or living space for pollinators becoming scarce and some pollinator populations on the decline,

conservation efforts in urban and agricultural habitats are becoming more widespread.

In the Chicago region, planting prairie species promotes local pollinator diversity. Even new types of gardens, like green roofs, are now starting to include native plantings. Pollinating bees, birds, and other mobile animals move pollen between many types of gardens and landscapes, including those in which we live. She will describe the role of pollinators, provide an overview of their importance, describe how pollinator ecology research is contributing to biodiversity conservation efforts, and suggest ways for people of all backgrounds to get involved with pollinator protection.

Please join us to make a NESTING BLOCK beforehand and share in pizza. This is our last program for this season.

All Will County Audubon Society meetings are free and open to the public.

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